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Who we are

The Department of Business Development is Mayo Clinic’s front door to business – from technology commercialization to strategic partnerships – catalyzing innovation to shape the future of health care for the benefit of patients.

Our Mayo Clinic Ventures and Corporate Development teams come together as one unified force to bridge the gaps between industry and commercial groups to produce meaningful, effective changes in transforming health and medicine.

start-ups using
Mayo Clinic technology
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investment capital
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ventures, collaborations
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Inception to date

Mayo Clinic Ventures

  • Intellectual property evaluation and protection
  • Technology funding and development
  • Licensing execution and management
  • Start-up company formation
Corp Dev

Corporate Development

  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Spin-offs and subsidiaries
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Equity investing

Innovation Spotlight

Imaging technology begins with something called a reporter gene. In Dr. Peng’s system, a human protein called sodium-iodide symporter, or NIS, fulfills this role. Iodine — or radioactive iodine tracer — can accumulate in tissues if the cells there have been engineered to express NIS. While light from fluorescent and luminescent reporters is too weak to shine through layers of tissue, the electromagnetic radiation arising from iodine tracers penetrates readily.

Strategic collaborations & investments

Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange is a membership-based platform created to further industry collaboration, accelerate commercialization and advance the next generation of health care.

Members receive premier medical and business insights, as well as the connections needed to bring their breakthrough innovations to market.