Frequently Asked Questions

Mayo Clinic recognizes that technology, data-driven knowledge and consumerism will establish the next generation of health care. To respond to the changing landscape, Mayo Clinic’s 2030 strategy is focused on three key areas: cure, connect and transform. This involves developing new medical therapies and diagnostics, surgeries and procedures, creating digital care delivery capabilities, integrating virtual and in-person care, and leveraging data analytics and technology to transform health care across the globe. 

Our Corporate Development team has personnel dedicated to and embedded within clinical departments and Mayo Clinic Platform, Laboratories and International.

We support and accelerate Mayo Clinic’s strategy by identifying, developing, and executing strategic business solutions and transactions with internal and external parties.

Mayo Clinic’s rigorous approach includes strategic alignment with its 2030 strategy to cure, connect and transform, and adherence to the organization’s primary value: the needs of the patient come first, while seeking to return value to support the Mayo Clinic mission.

We take a highly proactive rather than reactive approach in looking for new ways to guide innovative discoveries and patient-centered solutions to complex health issues. 

Our group is distinct in that we form product development collaborations with inventors and departments, actively develop Mayo Clinic innovation ideas, teach entrepreneurism, start companies, run business accelerators, and mange multi-million dollar venture and growth funds.

The depth and breadth of our team’s knowledge ensures proper opportunity assessment, intellectual property management, triage and valuation, deal pipeline development, technology development and commercialization, complex deal structuring and negotiation, deal management and compliance, and investing expertise.

The Mayo Clinic Ventures team acts as a powerful springboard for bringing assets, technologies, and expertise to the marketplace and patients by:

  • Developing, managing, and marketing its diverse portfolio of technologies
  • Seeking and bringing into Mayo Clinic promising external technologies and companies in need of Mayo Clinic expertise for co-development
  • Negotiating with companies and investors to license and develop Mayo Clinic’s intellectual property
  • Providing Mayo Clinic employees the opportunity to license and commercialize Mayo Clinic intellectual property through an employee entrepreneur program
  • Securing funding opportunities to allow early prototyping, testing and de-risking of the most promising assets and technologies
  • Cultivating a large network of investors, entrepreneurs and management teams

The Mayo Clinic Ventures team views all ideas and business opportunities with the lens of the needs of the patients, commercial potential and the ability to generate financial return to support Mayo Clinic’s three shields of clinical practice, education and research.

Establishing collaborations and forming companies are two mechanism used to advance promising technologies to market. In turn, commercial success ensures availability of the technologies for the benefit of patients.

Mayo Clinic utilizes seeds funds generated in its technology licensing activities and from philanthropy to assist in bringing high impact technologies and opportunities to fruition.

Learn more about Mayo Clinic’s various funding options here.

Our technology portfolio is too large and fluid to maintain a static list for dissemination. To learn what is available, please connect with us. By sharing your specific interest list and criteria, we can suggest technologies that best align.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to Mayo Clinic and its aim to create an inclusive innovation ecosystem where differences are valued and disparities are eliminated.

The Department of Business Development, as well as Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange, is actively investing in Mayo Clinic’s internal diversity, equity, and inclusion workstreams – and has doubled down on its efforts to support diverse innovators, whether they work at Mayo Clinic or are advancing health care in the private sector through collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

We are continually exploring promising business initiatives that give innovators and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds the opportunity to contribute to new avenues of innovation and promote mutually beneficial growth.

The Corporate Development team participates in business ventures across all areas of health care with an emphasis on high value opportunities to bolster Mayo Clinic Practice, Laboratories, International and Platform.

We are always interested in developing relationships with experienced entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to start companies in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. We have worked successfully with a number of entrepreneurs within a structure and format that is beneficial for both parties.

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