Innovation in action

Mayo Clinic strategic transactions and intellectual property have been instrumental to the creation and success of numerous collaborations, exclusive agreements, start-up companies, business ventures and equity investments. 

Below is a small sampling.

Impact stories

New AI algorithm may identify elusive heart failure risk

The EchoGo Heart Failure platform is an FDA-approved echocardiogram model used to detect a disease.

Quantitative High-Definition Microvessel Imaging (q-HDMI)

Using high-definition ultrasound imaging to accurately diagnose cancer

Platform therapy PMM2-CDG

Discovery leads to life-changing treatment for young girl with ultra-rare disease

Stem cell therapy

For Perianal Fistulas in Patients with Crohn’s Disease

Pursuit of cures, backed by collaboration

Taking research discoveries from bench to bedside

Oncolytic virus therapies

Sodium-iodide symporter reporter gene imaging system

Phage therapy treatment

Using viruses to target and kill specific bacteria

Evolving vaccine efforts

Single-cycle adenovirus vaccine platform

Cancer screening revolution

FDA-approved noninvasive colorectal screening

Remote ECG patient monitoring

Mayo Clinic IP paves way for FDA-cleared remote heart monitoring device

Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Revolutionary imaging tool for diagnosing liver fibrosis