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The company, an outgrowth of Mayo Clinic, recently raised more money from investors as it seeks new ways to treat cancer

Star Tribune | May 17, 2022

Mayo Clinic News Network | May 2, 2022

EXCERPT: Single-lead ECG tracings from an Apple Watch interpreted by an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm developed at Mayo Clinic effectively identified patients with a weak heart pump.

Business Wire | March 16, 2022

EXCERPT: Pramana’s first commercial agreement with Mayo Clinic is a multi-year collaboration that includes an industry-leading initiative to digitize 5 million slides – one of the largest digitization efforts in the world to date, at an unprecedented rate.

Star Tribune | February 7, 2022

EXCERPT: The company [Medical21] is collaborating with Mayo Clinic, which owns an equity stake in the company. Juan Crestanello, a cardiovascular surgeon at Mayo, said he and his colleagues have seen some of Medical 21’s work. “The results, so far, have been very encouraging,” Crestanello said. 

PR Newswire | January 19, 2022

EXCERPT: Pathogenomix, Inc. collaborated with Mayo Clinic on the development of the techniques and data which supported the application for this FDA Breakthrough Device Designation. 

Star Tribune | December 23, 2021

EXCERPT: “We anticipate that we’ll have relationship with pretty much every company in Two Discovery Square,” said Dr. Clark Otley, medical director of the Department of Business Development at Mayo Clinic. 

Medical Design & Outsourcing | February 3, 2021