Corporate Development

What we do

Corporate Development leads and coordinates strategic transactions at Mayo Clinic. This involves the evaluation, analysis and development of new business opportunities, including but not limited to partnerships, strategic collaborations, new company spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions.

By collaborating across the areas of clinical practice, medical education, and research, we source and develop new business opportunities for the benefit of Mayo Clinic and patients everywhere.

Areas of expertise

Strategic focus areas


Bringing high value to Mayo Clinic through expansion of assets to develop pioneering treatments and cures for patients.


Ensuring more patients have access to the Mayo Clinic Model of Care in more ways than ever before through global growth.


Enabling Mayo Clinic to develop and perform clinically integrated diagnostics for people everywhere.


Helping create a healthier world in which personalized, predictive, and innovative care is accessible to all.

Support for Mayo Clinic’s three shields – Practice, Education, Research – is the bedrock of all business activities and focus areas.