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StarTribune | April 28, 2023

EXCERPT: Spun out of Mayo Clinic in 2018, Marani Health is piloting an in-home prenatal and postpartum care system that uses an artificial intelligence application for measuring the heart rates of pregnant women and their unborn fetus.

Mayo Clinic YouTube | April 17, 2023

The featured technology is now part of Anumana, a company formed by Mayo Clinic and nference, that uses unstructured electronic medical records data from medical centers to develop new diagnostics and treatments.

Post Bulletin | April 7, 2023

Vyriad is a biotech firm founded by Mayo Clinic researchers.

Becker's Hospital Review | April 6, 2023

EXCERPT: Since 1986, when Mayo Clinic started keeping records, more than 7,000 inventors have disclosed 10,000 technologies (of which 4,000+ have been licensed to companies) and more than 300 startups have formed.

Mayo Clinic Discovery's Edge | March 3, 2023

In 2019, Mayo Clinic and W. L. Gore & Associates formed a collaboration to advance the development of implantable cell therapies to treat debilitating conditions with no cure. Based on early research, the innovative investigational treatment is now showing real promise for patients.

Star Tribune | March 1, 2023

EXCERPT: While Mayo Clinic remains the region’s largest employer, the Rochester area has become a draw for biomedical companies in recent years. 

Mayo Clinic Individualized Medicine blog | February 27, 2023

Mayo Clinic executed a know-how license agreement with Maggie’s Pearl in 2021 to develop the first platform therapy for a group of related genetic inborn errors of metabolism called PMM2-CDG.

Post Bulletin | February 27, 2023

EXCERPT: Cytotheryx, co-founded by Exemplar Genetics and Mayo Clinic in 2018, announced that it has picked up the intellectual property assets of Ambys Medicines, Inc.

Becker's Hospital Review | February 22, 2023

Clark C. Otley, M.D., is the Chief Medical Officer for Mayo Clinic Platform and the Medical Director for Mayo Clinic’s Department of Business Development.

Mayo Clinic Individualized Medicine blog | February 16, 2023

Adaptive Phage Therapeutics entered into an agreement with Mayo Clinic to commercialize a phage susceptibility test in June 2020.

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